Setting up your True Vine Online Email
Please follow the guide first. If you have trouble you can call for help. 252-562-9083

Web Mail is always the most convenient way to check your email. It requires no setup and can be accessed from any computer.
You can send and receive messages, store contacts, and maintain a personal calendar of appointments.
To log into your True Vine Online Web Mail CLICK HERE
Note: Until our email transition is complete (about June 29, 2015) you will be redirected to our Gmail interface.

Email Software
Many people use email software to access their True Vine Online Email because they like the particular interface of their favorite software.
Email software requires particular settings to work properly. Improper setup will fail to get or send your email.
We have prepared guides for the settings for the most popular email software used on Windows and Mac computers.
Software Setup Guides:

Mobile Email Access (Smart Phones & Tablets)
Many people also want to be able to get their email on one of the many mobile devices popular today. These include smart phones and tablets.
Again, these require a bit of setup so we have prepared guides to the most popular of these devices.
Mobile Setup Guides:

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