TVO filtering for iPhone blocks pornography

TVO BLOCKIT for iPhone/iPad

Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Use your phone/tablet to download the app
From your phone/tablet hit "Search" and type in "Truevine Online" and hit "GET"
Step 2 - Install the app.
Step 3 - Once installed, open the TRUEVINE browser.
Step 4 - Log into the filter using the information above
Step 5 - Choose the profile LIMITED
Step 6 - All Internet browsing is filtered when using the TVO browser
Step 7 - IMPORTANT! ENABLE RESTRICTIONS (Parental Controls) on your device:
Block the use of apps that would allow bypassing the TVO Blockit browser.
You want to block all UNfiltered browsers such as Safari, Firefox etc
You can block other apps that could be a problem such as YouTube and Facebook.
You may also want to block the App Store so other browsers cannot be installed.
For more information on adding restrictions see

ONCE INSTALLED ... The filtering rules can be managed from any PC or Mac by logging in here:

The customer is responsible for taking the above actions to insure it is secure and other browsers cannot be used.
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