INFO: Efficient SpeedStream 5100-a

How to set up your SpeedStream 5100-a modem
Use the set up instructions and images below to make sure that your Efficient SpeedStream 5100-a modem is set up properly.





How to interpret your Efficient SpeedStream 5100-a modem lights
After you have tried power cycling your DSL modem, checking your setup and DSL filters, you should look at the lights on the front of the modem panel to check your connection status.
  1. When powering up the modem, all four lights will be green for approximately 30 seconds. Observing the "Power" light, make sure that the power self-test completes successfully and the light turns a steady green.
  2. Make sure that the modem is synchronized with the ADSL line card at the other end of the circuit by checking the "DSL" light. It may take up to 70 seconds for the modem to synchronize, at which point the "DSL" light will turn to a steady green.
  3. Verify that the modem is properly wired to your computer's Network Interface Card (NIC) by checking that the "Ethernet" light is a steady green.
  4. Check that your modem is sending and receiving data by observing the "Activity" light. It will vary between steady and blinking green light when the modem is transmitting data.
The following chart explains what the lights on the front panel of the Efficient SpeedStream 5100-a modem indicate. Use this chart below to check the connection status after the initial power up.
Modem Light Behavior
Blinking Green
Steady Green
Modem is not getting power
Check modem set up
Power is on
No Ethernet link detected
Problem with network card or cable
Ethernet link between PC and modem established
DSL signal is not detected
Check modem setup (make sure your DSL line filters are properly setup)
DSL line is ready for data traffic
No network activity (this is OK)
Normal DSL traffic flow
Normal DSL traffic flow