FIX: My DSL connection is running slowly

My DSL is connection is running slowly
There are many things to consider if your DSL is running slowly. The first step is to find out exactly how slow your speed is. Go to run the speed test and record your results. If you have a router, remove the router and hook the modem up directly to your PC. Now run the speed test again to see if there is any improvement. The next step is to power cycle your modem. Turn your modem off and leave it off for 10-15 seconds and then turn the modem back on. Wait for the sync/ready/DSL light to go solid and then run the speed test again. At this point if you do not see improvement try isolating down the line, unplug all phone devices except the DSL modem from the line and then run the speed test again and see how it comes out. If you still experience slow speeds attempt to plug the DSL modem into another phone jack and run the speed test again. If after all of this your speeds are still slow call into DSL Tech Support at 866-491-7221.