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True Vine Online Email

Logging Into Email

From the True Vine Web Site:
You can log into your email here:
(Save the link to use later)
OR From the True Vine Home Page:

From a Smart Phone or Tablet:
Set up your mobile device to synchronize with the web mail.  Remember synching means what you do on the web effects email on your phone and what you do on the phone effects the web. So be careful deleting messages you may still want at the other location. Here are instructions for setting up your mobile device:
Using Email Software
Most people prefer to use the email from the web since it can be synchronized with mobile devices (smart phones etc). However, some people prefer using Email software like Outlook or Thunderbird. Instructions for setting those up are below:

Software Setup Guides:

For Desktops & Laptops 

True Vine Online uses more than one filter system in order to best serve different situations. Be sure to download the correct system for your account. Installing the wrong version could interrupt your Internet service. If unsure, phone us for help.

User Name
is sometimes referred to as PROFILE MANAGER
Password Help...
Most customers follow our suggestion and do NOT have the password to control the filtering rules or to uninstall the filter. If you are wondering why a password isn't working this is most likely the reason and you need to contact us.

Blocking & Unblocking Sites...
Since most customers do not have passwords, you will need to have us make changes to the filtering rules. This can be done 3 ways:
  • By Phone (during business hours)
  • By submitting a site review request Click here
Testing Your Filter...
It is extremely dangerous to test your filter by trying to go to pornography. Porn site operators are not usually nice people and often try to spread spyware & other dangerous stuff. We urge you not to test your filter by accessing porn just in case you got to a site that wants to take over your computer. Instead test it by clicking the link below. If you get blocked, it is installed and working...
Test To See If Your Web Filter Is Working

For Mobile Devices

Our filter for mobile devices works differently than on a desktop or laptop computer. Our filter for mobile devices is actually a substitute browser to replace the original browser. It is a FILTERED browser (once registered and filtering is activated) This means the customer needs to block the use of the original browser which is NOT filtered. This is an easy but extremely important step.


Blocking and Unblocking Sites

Parents can block or unblock a site from any computer by going here: Parental Control Interface

Once logged in, the parent can:
  • Select or deselect categories to be blocked.
  • Add exceptions to normal rules to block or allow a site.
  • Control what hours the Internet can be used.
  • View issues logged by the user of the device
On the left side of the screen the USER ISSUES will show sites reported from the Mobile Device as well as what action we took.
  • If the site was categorized incorrectly we should have accepted the issue and fixed it.
  • Sometimes the site was already categorized correctly so the issue was denied. In this case the parent can create an exception to allow or deny the site.



TVO DSL requires a username and password to get online.
All your computers require our filtering software be installed to block pornography.

There are 2 ways this may be setup to provide the log in information to the system:
  • #1 - If you have a router, your DSL modem or your router must be programmed to provide the user/password information. You will most likely need to phone for help programming your modem/router to do this.
  • #2 - If you have only one computer and it is connected directly to the modem and the computer supplies the username and password. You should phone for help with this.


Remote Desktop Service

In some cases True Vine Support may ask to log onto your computer to see and fix problems we could not talk you through fixing. We use the . Our regular charge is $35.00 if this is necessary. Charge can be waived at the discretion of your support representative.

If instructed to do a remote session click here
Our technician will provide the session ID

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