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Why use parental controls?

Parental controls provide safety for your family when browsing the Internet. Your children don't need to be looking for pornography to find it. Parents need to take a number of steps to protect young eyes from seeing trashy sites. Parental controls are a tool to use in addition to common sense rules like supervising your children, keeping the computer in a family room, and talking to them about Internet dangers. You probably already follow the Internet safety rules, but that's not enough. Without parental controls kids could run into pornography by mistake with you standing right next to them. They'll remember what they see, even if we would rather they didn't.

Parental controls are especially important today as parents are often both working or just busy around the house. Families today have a lot going on. You can't be sitting there with them every minute they are on line. Parental controls give you the ability to step away for a few minutes to stir the sauce, let the dog in, or answer an important business phone call. Using a parental control doesn't mean you can ignore the other safety rules, it just means you don't need to be there every second.

Parental controls are not just for the kids. Let's face it. It's easy to get tempted to take a peek at that site or click that provokative ad. You didn't go looking for it but viewing it is dangerous. These sites have an addictive quality that causes people (especially men) to linger a while when nobody is around. Avoid that temptation by installing parental controls on every computer you own, and don't forget those smart phones and tablets.

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More information about parental controls

Internet Parental Controls

How to choose the best parental control software.

Look for parental controls that are:
  • Well Balanced - A parental control should block the dangers without blocking innocent sites. If a parental control doesn't allow you to do your legitimate work or have innocent fun, you'll get frustrated and end up going without one. Our TVO Blockit catches the dangerous sites without interferring with your normal use of the web.
  • Server Based - New dangerous sites are found every day. Our TVO Blockit Parental Controls check with our server in real time so as soon as a new site is discovered, your family is protected. No updates to download. Always up to date.
  • Managed For You - Our TVO Blockit Parental Controls are managed by our filtering specialists. No password to fall into the wrong hands. No guessing if you should allow a site. Just leave the work to us.
  • Flexible - Don't get a parental control that is "one size fits all". Every family has different needs. Our parental controls can be adjusted for your family needs. Just call our filtering specialists for a free consultation and we will tailor your filter for your family.

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