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Statement of Faith:
The owners and staff of
True Vine Online are all Christians. Individually, we belonging to avariety of different denominations. What we all share is a solid beliefin the principles stated in the Apostles Creed and a commitment tolive our lives to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

Are you overwhelmed by the internet of today? Is the onslaught of trash and inappropriate material bombarding your family? TrueVine.net understands why today’s families have trouble logging on; with all the pornography, violence, and vulgar messages, it would seem easier to simply stay off the internet. But we want you and your family to enjoy the advantages of the World Wide Web, which is why we offer safe, friendly, and Christian-aligned content filtering for you and your family!

We are proud to provide website blocker and internet filtering services, so you can surf the net knowing you and your family will be safe. Our service works with any provider or wifi. You are guaranteed to get the best internet experience, without the nonsense. As a parent, you can choose which types of websites to block from your child’s eyes.
True Vine Online will block most pop-ups, and our optional anti-virus security service can save your computer from harmful viruses that can damage your system.

Use True Vine Online, and give your family all the excitement of the information age, right in your own home! For more information on our website blocker and internet filtering service, contact TrueVine.net today!

  • None of us needs the temptation of pornography in the sanctity of our homes.
  • Pornography destroys marriages, families, and worst of all, our souls.
  • You don't need to be looking for it, to run into it on the Internet.
  • Nobody is immune from this grave danger.

Why should you choose True Vine instead of another filter service?

A Managed Service - True Vine Online offers a "managed" filter service. Most filter companies toss you a filter and a password to control the filter yourself. We give you the option of having no password that might get in the wrong hands or tempt you to shut off the filter & view offensive sites. Very few companies are willing to offer this option. They don't want to be bothered by you when you need to make changes to your filtering rules. Some companies don't even put a phone number on their web site.
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Up to 3 Computers Included - Don't be fooled by filters that seem to offer a real low price. When you look closer you might find you need to pay extra for your second or third computer. Our standard packages include up to 3 computers at no extra cost.
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A Flexible Service - Many other companies are rigid. Their filters are "one size fits all". Our filtering is flexible and we customize it to your family's needs. What is appropriate for a mature 18 year old may not be for an 11 year old. An extra strict filter might be required for a man who is easily tempted but a more lenient one required for a nurse who does medical research. We can block or allow any site just for you. There is no need to compromise.
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A Full Package Of Benefits - We include more than just a web filter. Every customer has the option at NO extra charge to use our filtered email system, our free photo sharing, free personal web site, free blog site, and our incredible discount program to save money on movie rentals, movie tickets, sports tickets, ski lift tickets and more. Most filter companies only give you a filter.
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Superior Customer Service and Support - Many companies try to save money by offering only email support. Our fully trained filter specialists are available 12 hours a day by TOLL FREE phone call as well as on screen chat. We can discuss your filter needs & make adjustments & changes as your family situation changes. We understand the problems & needs of children, teens, and those addicted to pornography.
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Value For Your Dollar - No we are not the cheapest but when you consider everything above we are the best overall value for your money. Ask yourself if you really want to sacrifice the security and quality of our service to save a few cents per month. Our add on filter costs less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks once a week. You cannot make a better investment in the morality and safety of your family than the True Vine Online service.
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A Christian Owned & Operated Company - All the owners and employees of True Vine Online are Christians committed to running our business in an ethical and moral manner. We answer to a higher authority.
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Stability & Experience - We have been in business for over 10 years. We are profitable and debt free. We will be here tomorrow. Don't gamble with using a "Johnny come lately" service.
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Multiple Solutions for Multiple Needs - We use 3 different filtering technologies and can match you up with the best solution depending on your computer and filtering needs. We don't put all our apples in one basket.
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Why should you choose True Vine instead of another filter service?
Why should you choose a Christian company to block pornography?
How does the filter work? Why is it the best?
What is a "Managed Internet Filter"?
How can I stop getting so much junk mail?

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