Adult Site Blocker For Android

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Stop pornography on Android Phones and Tablets

It's now easier to protect your family against Internet pornography and access to other dangerous sites. Adult Site Blocker for Android is an important tool for accomplishing that goal. The True Vine Android Browser replaces the browser that came on the device and blocks adult sites. You will have remote control over what is allowed or blocked on our Adult Site Blocker For Android. Block or allow sites from your desktop or laptop computer. No need to have the Android phone in your hand.

Protect your family by signing up today. The first 30 days are free so there is no risk.

Our Adult Site Blocker For Android Is Accurate

It's important that the filter you choose is as accurate as possible. Our Adult Site Blocker For Android balances blocking an extremely high percentage of the bad sites with minimal false blocking of innocent legitimate sites. We know you'll be happy with the results. Because the Adult Site Blocker For Android "talks to" our filtering server it's always up to date.

Adult Site Blocker For Android

Adult Site Blocker For Android

Adult Site Blocker For Android

Adult Site Blocker For Android

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  • Use of our Christian Directory and Safe Search Page
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  • Optional protection for your Desktops & Laptops
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ChristiansUnite "We have chosen True Vine Online as our feature site. It was chosen on the basis of Christian content, design, and overall appeal... True Vine Online pretty well has it covered. Their main draw is filtered internet access, and at a reasonable price."
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